Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to improve the shape and appearance of the nose. Also known as nose surgery, this intervention offers an effective solution for those who want to correct aesthetic imperfections or respiratory problems related to the nasal structure.

During a rhinoplasty, the plastic surgeon makes small incisions inside the nose or at the base of the columella (the narrow part between the nostrils). Through these incisions, the bone and cartilage of the nose are reshaped, asymmetries are corrected, the size of the nose is reduced or increased, and the nasal tip is redefined. The goal is to achieve a more harmonious and balanced nose with the facial features.

It is important to note that rhinoplasty is not only about cosmetic changes. In many cases, deviations of the nasal septum that cause breathing difficulties can also be corrected. Therefore, this procedure can improve both the appearance and function of the nose.

Recovery after rhinoplasty can vary by individual, but rest time and careful attention to the plastic surgeon’s instructions are generally required. Bruising and swelling around the nose may appear, but these side effects will subside over time, revealing a new nose and increased confidence in your appearance.