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Matisses Grupo Quirurgico is a prestigious clinic specializing in aesthetic surgeries and treatments, committed to offering high-quality services and exceptional results. Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons, dedicated to providing personalized and safe aesthetic solutions for each of our patients.

At Grupo Quirúrgico Matisses, we are proud to have a multidisciplinary team of health professionals who work collaboratively to provide comprehensive and satisfactory care. Our goal is to help our patients enhance their natural beauty, regain their self-confidence, and achieve a body image that reflects their true potential.

We distinguish ourselves by our professional ethics, patient-centered approach, and use of cutting-edge surgical techniques. Our specialists are constantly updated with the most recent advances in cosmetic surgery and have state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients throughout the process.

Modern Tecnology

We have the latest technological equipment to meet the needs of our patients

Affordable Prices

We will always try to always provide the best cost-benefit option to our patients.

Profesional Doctors

Our team of professionals is highly trained to provide our patients with the best quality care for their needs.

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We are a group of highly trained professionals who offer health services with high quality standards, cutting-edge technology and adherence to the strictest standards of safety, ethics and values; to grant a humanistic and effective attention in the results of the service, satisfying the needs and expectations of the most important thing that they are, our patients.


Our vision is to expand our knowledge to different cities and internationally and thus offer innovative care of the highest quality. To achieve this mission, we make all commitments to everyone with whom we come in contact.